updated Dec 25, 2020         
Praying that your family has enjoyed a healthy Christmas season and look forward to God Provision and presence for the year ahead.
Please continue to Pray for Our Nation
        Let's continue to pray this coming year for
         God's will to be implemented  in our divided Nation at this time.
                Christmas programs are noted where advertised or on their websites             
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COVID-19  UpDate  The following major churches have been update according to their websites for changes 9-5-20        Please let us know of any changes below than you know that is different
      Cornerstone Christian Church Prescott   Sunday Services    https://www.prescottcornerstone.com/live/
   This church normally meets in the auditorium at Yavapai College. 
    However the college will not allow meetings at this time for safety
    Services at 9:00 and 11:00  on line
                   The latest COVID-19 update  (8-16-20)  is provided on the website not changed as of 12-08
     Heights Church update 9-16 Now live and in person meetings  at the Church  http://www.heightschurch.com/
        See the website for information on the Thursday outdoor meetings and weekday online messages
              Online services are 10:30 and 6:00 pm   Many teaching as well as sermons available on-line at the Heights.
     American Lutheran Church  updated 12-25     https://www.americanlutheran.net/
           Cautiously observing  Centers of Disease Control guidelines     Facemask policy required for attendance
    Attendance for the live services are available for both Traditional and contemporary.  call for a RESERVATION to assure a seat.
      To this date there has always been enough space for social distancing.
Online services are available.  See the website.
                Seating is spread to provide proper social distancing  
   The purpose for the reservation is to make sure adequate room is available.  At this point it has never been full.  Come anyway.
         Four services: Traditional at 8 AM & 10:30 AM and Contemporary at 9:00 AM & 10:30 AM  updated 7-5-20
      Call the office for Reservations  Monday – Thursday: 9 AM – 3 PM and Fridays: 9 AM – 12 PM at (928) 445-4348
     The Potter's House   https://www.prescottpottershouse.com/  update 12-08
                No information about restrictions or guidelines for the COVID-19 is available that we could find on the website.                      Church Service 10:30am and 6:30pm. Appears to be meeting at the indoor facility. No COVID-19 statement
        Christmas special for children Dec 20
     Solid Rock Christian Fellowship on 148 S Marina St.  Facemask policy requested for attendance
Sermons are posted on website  https://solidrockprescott.org/      We hold our Sunday gatherings at 8:45 AM and 10:30 AM.
     Prescott Community Church on Willow Creek Rd      Online service link on website  http://www.pccaz.org/ 
        Services are held at the church  arrive early for social distance practices   10am  Online available
     Christmas Eve Candlelight Service     see website  updated 12-08
     Prescott Life Church (Assembly of God)    Hwy 89 across from Watson Lake    http://prescottlifechurch.org/ 
         The CAMPUS is CLOSED due to increased Covid infections     ONLINE serve to resume 12-27-20
       No COVID-19 Statement on the website  Seating has been dispersed
                 Main Service at 11am                  Live streaming available  on HOLD
    Living Waters Church      8075 N. Prescott Ridge Rd Prescott Valley    https://livingwaterspv.com/
           Open Sunday 10:00       First Sunday of the month 6pm     NO children's meetings  updated 7-12-20
     Strict adherence to CDC COVID-9 guidelines in effect    Facemasks and social distancing
    Christian Fellowship Church        501 Campbell Street, Prescott  
      Open for Sunday   10am and 6pm services  with Pastor Ray Coda
   an additional Holy Spirit service is provided at 3pm  with Steve and Diane Barry
    Mt Zion Tabernacle Church  2797 Willow Creek Road Prescott, AZ
        Multicultural - Spirit filled non-denominational church    https://mtziontabernacle.com
              9:00 Reserved worship    11:30  loud and exhilarating    per website.  
  No COVID-19 Statement on the website
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 Community Bible Study   This is a nondenominational group Bible Study  updated 12-19-20
      Location     This year the headquarters of CBS has determined that this season shall meet remotely
    Prescott:  Due to the Pandemic this year Prescott CBS class will be live on-line for the teaching.  Each week you will participate in a live on-line small group discussion via video ZOOM with the video teaching. 
        Registration for the  Sept 2020 session    go to    https://prescott.cbsclass.org/
        For more information about the organization      https://www.communitybiblestudy.org/
    If you are not familiar with the ZOOM video and need help or Information      email:    evelyn.wilson4cbs@icloud.com  
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  Aglow Lighthouse ministries   -   No scheduled meetings have been announced due to Covid-19 restraints
see Aglow Services Tab
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Holy Spirit Revival Events    ON HOLD until further notice
check the tab on left for details
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